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                                          The Supporting Tribe

THANK YOU TO my beautiful tribe of supporters, friends and fellow artists for making this dream come true !


They are :


Thomas Andrews, Meredith Baker, Bruce and Virginia Burnham, Claire Cote, Mandy Crane Hill, Dr. Robert and Nancy Gleffe, Eric Gleffe, Frank Gorman, Nicolas Yves and Anne-Marie Hammond, Annie Hancock, Zimo Huang, Matthew Hunnicutt, François Jasmin, Michele Lamontagne, Claire and Richard Lemay-Bélisle, Daphna Lewinstein, Natane & Check It Lim, Antoine Lombard, Owen Lostetter, Mélanie Michaud, Jerry Miller, Wendy Patterson, Karine Petit, Andrea Sadler, Matt Shoebridge, Matt Wilson, and Adrienne Wong.



Official film credits : 


Writer, Director : Marie-Michèle Jasmin-Bélisle

Producer : Marie-Michèle Jasmin-Bélisle

Associate Producers : Karine Petit, Alix Gleffe and Cloud Face

Executive Producers : Dr. Robert and Nancy Gleffe

Cinematography and Editing : Marie-Michèle Jasmin-Bélisle

Additional cinematography (white sands scene) : Cloud Face 

Sound mixing and soundcapes : Marie-Michèle Jasmin-Bélisle

Costume design : Marie-Michèle Jasmin-Bélisle, with the participation of the cast and crew

Illustrations (end credits) : Alix Gleffe

Illustrations (animation sequences) : Marie-Michèle Jasmin-Bélisle

3D modeling : Adrienne Wong

Special effects, water chief (opera scene): Bruce Burnham

Location assistants : Dennis Banks (yes, of A.I.M.), Doug Kang, Herman 'Smog' Johnson, Virginia and Bruce Burnham




Kirilola (Spirit between heaven and earth)

Marie-Michèle (White Sands messenger)

JLeigh (Fox dancer)

Cloud Face (Raven dancer)

Randy Boogie (Medicine dancer)

Jennifer Perez (the Curandera - opera singer)

Elyssa Sierra Concha (Children of the Sun - PineRidge)

and introducing 

Quannie Burnham (Children of the Sun - Bisti)




'Mamori' by Kirilola, from the album : ''Spirit of the Yamato'', Studio : GOK sound, Japan. 2012

'One Drop' by Cloud Face. Studio : Wonderland recordings, USA. 2012

'Tidal Wave' by François-H. Jasmin. Studio : Ffortissimo, Canada. 2012

'Finding Water' by Cloud Face. Studio : Wonderland recordings, USA. 2012

'The Warning', adapted from 'Les Berceaux' by Gabriel Fauré. Melody by Gabriel Fauré, lyrics rewritten by Marie-Michèle Jasmin-Bélisle, performed by Jennifer Perez (recorded live on location). This version - USA. 2012

'Burn Hymn' by Cloud Face and Austin Burnham (DJ Audiyo), USA. 2009


Special thank you


Bruce and Virginia Burnham, Cloud Face, Quannie, Lololmah and Lonan Burnham

Hélène, Michel et Delphine Jasmin-Bélisle

Myriam Tapp, Erin Grover

Teresa Buscemi and Andrea Polli

Tashina Banks, Takeo Koshikawa, Alan Fulford of Fields and Frames




(in order of appearance in the film) 


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

White Sands National Park, New Mexico

The Albuquerque Aquarium, New Mexico

The Burnham household, Gallup, New Mexico

Red Rock State Park, Gallup, New Mexico

The river steps, McGaffey, New Mexico

The Bisti, New Mexico

Somewhere into Navajo nation, New Mexico



© 2012-2013, Mare-Michèle Jasmin-Bélisle. 8h51 Art Design Nouveau Cinema








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